Your Hosts

As a heart-centered entrepreneur with BIG DREAMS and a secret (or not so secret) love for singing, we are here to give you the activation and permission you need to OWN YOUR VOICE and become the Truer-Than-True Version of YOU!

Have you been hiding your musical desires/talents and playing small due to negative beliefs and experiences in the past? 

Were you told that you weren't good enough or that being a musician was something to be ashamed of? 

We understand how those experiences can hold you back and keep you playing small, so we are here to help you PLAY TALL and step into your TRUE BLUE potential! 

Let's work together to release those limiting beliefs and embrace your authentic, aligned, authentic & FULLY self-expressed self!

It's time to release your TRUE voice so you will be the happiest, healthiest & wealthiest you have EVER BEEN!

We have 2 dates for you to choose from

We know how busy life can be, and for people in different time zones. So we're hosting this event twice to make it super easy for you. Sign up by clicking either button for Saturday March 18th at 11am EST, OR Wednesday March 22nd at 7pm EST

Meet your hosts

Miracle Mindset CoacHealer

Elvira V. Hopper

Elvira V. Hopper helps heart-centred midlife humans to make the REST of their life, the BEST of their life!

Her story includes having her childhood dream of being an artist/entertainer rejected by her musically thwarted father...then going on to live an inauthentic/imposter life to be loved by her parents & to please society for 2 lucrative healthcare careers spanning 27 years.

She was blessed with a breakdown (depression, anxiety, panic disorder & suicidal ideation at her rockbottom) in her last 2 years of her 20 year 6 figure pharmaceutical sales career which catapulted her out to connect with her aligned, authentic & FULLY self-expressed she could live her Best Life!

Now she does it ALL as a multi award- winning life & business coach, trained at world renowned Coach U.

By walking her own talk, she became a pro jazz artist at 51.

Being part of her two impressive jazz duos, 'Heart & Soul' & award-winning 'Primavera Jazz Duo' is Heaven on Earth for her. They get to perform & record on worldclass stages.

She has even done a command performance for Oprah Winfrey's life partner Stedman Graham!

She is the poster child for 'It's NEVER too late to live the life of YOUR dreams'.

Elvira facilitates transformational retreats globally as a Miracle Mindset Coach & Artistic Healer.

She is also the founder of the Personal Development SOULution called 'The Love Your Vibe Transformation' (based on 'The Way' that saved her life, sanity, marriage & allowed her to achieve her virtual every dream at her rockbottom) that her incredible team facilitates. It has become the foundation of 'The Miracle Magnet Movement' ☆

Elvira manifested her personal dream of retiring her beloved hubby of almost 34 years from his 40 year hotel management career to become her COO & CFO when Covid hit.

She also manifested a long time dream when Covid hit of becoming an International Speaker with one of the world's oldest speaker's they found her!

Elvira believes we could experience 'Heaven on Earth' if we ALL lived Aligned, Authentic & FULLY self-expressed!

Voice Coach

Schroeder Nordholt

Schroeder is a seasoned music educator, composer, producer & performer. His career spans over 25 years, during which he’s helped countless individuals access their musical potential, produced across multiple music genres, composed for film & tv, served as music director, voice coach and accompanist on musical theatre productions, and performed far and wide in numerous bands and as a sought-after piano bar entertainer.

Over the years he’s appeared on the better part of 1000 stages, and shared the stage with coaching and personal development luminaries such as Sean D. Stewart and Les Brown.

Currently Schroeder divides his time as a voice coach and composer. He is the founder of Mic Drop, the voice coaching method, guaranteed to guide professional speakers & leaders in having more confidence, persuasion, and influence when delivering their message, by tapping into their vocal potential and learning to harness its power so they can command the stage every time they speak, and make the sales & impact they’re truly here to make.

As a composer he works closely with business owners & entrepreneurs in drawing out the strengths & mission of their brand, and translating that into signature theme music, which elicits an emotional connection with their audience, creates deep customer-brand loyalty, and sets them apart from their competition.